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hole in the ground. >> finally. that is great. >> that is it for this week's edition of the "journal editorial report". thanks to the panel and to you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. you for hewatching.see you righ. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> nine years since terror struck our nation, the amrican media joined forces them. but has the passing of time, controversies, wars and political divide caused the media to forget the pain of 9-11? >> islamics under attack in
11:31 pm
america. >> hamas takes its argument to the medi and the media gives world attention to a character pot preacher with a plan to burn korans. why did the press take the bait. >> judy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, and fox news radion. host, allen. fox news atch is on right now. >> for all the proress we made, we're not there yet. and that meane that people are frustrated and that means people are angry. and since i'm the president, the democrats have control of the house and the senate, it's undersndable that people are sang, what have you done? >> that's president obama at his friday news conference admitting economic recovery has been
11:32 pm
painfully slow. cal, it was the capper to a week of appearances he made trying to convince the american people and the media that he's on track with the economy, and is it working? >> i don't think so. you look at the polls and the republans are ahead in a lot of races but the president is overexposed and on the media all the time. to the point where the ver ande's eyes glaze they don't pay any attention to bhat he's saying.i the presidency must be marshaled in such a way that when he speaks, he commands attention, and he's not it doing it.> >> allen, you were questioning the presidents -- focushc on healthcare when he should have been focusing on the economy, but he also admits that he still has the tingle up his leg for this president, and really over his entire body with so much information. my question is, can liberals
11:33 pm
give this president a fair evaluation? >> i speak for allk liberals. thank you very much. i any he has lost some of his -- >> mojo? >>ojo on the far left. and he compromised on healthcare, and 40,000 troops are in afghanistan. and i really believe that he'll get some of that back once we see who the republican opponentn is in the presidential election. where else is e going to go? but i think it's temporary. and he needs be out there. he needs the transparency, which the conservatives say that they want. and ream he started being mre forceful going after republicans nd selling his >> you say he needs to be out in front of the media more, and judy gave a big sigh. what was that about? >> what he doesn'te need to do and doesn't need to have are more of these canned appearances, and what he did at
11:34 pm
the press confersence on friday was remarkable. he was out there answering questions, and defending himself. dropped the obama, we the g. he was going and driving the economy, not over the cliff. >> and let me point out the video up there right now, they always stack, and i guess every administration stacks bobbleheads behind the president that cheer and sut whenever they say is something. >> he did something extraordinary, he actually deedited george bush, he gave real credit to president obama for pointing out that america was not at war with islam. and he's going to be able to go a long way with that. >> the report, the fight was on when he said that. >> he was on with abc's tapper this week, and using a lot of the same rhetoric that he had
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used on the campaign trail. did you otice that? >> i did, tapper asked a very good question. saying that the healthcare bill is bending the cost curve down. according to the center for medicaid services, th se increae is said to go up. bending the cue upward. and then the question, why are no democrats campaigning on the healthcare bill, and obama gave htis usual 15 minute answer to. the answer to no go. good. >> the followup on hat jim said, he said we can't expect healthcare to be free. of course the cost is going to go up. nd if we keep it slightly higher than the rate of increase in inflation, we're doing a good job, right? >> he was concerned, he mentioned the word middle class about ten times in the course of an hour. this is his theme and te place
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wants to go, and he's doing example what ou guys said he should be doing and now you're beating up on him for doing it. >> stimulus. that's a new game for reporters, get into saying the "s"r word. >> and john bainer. >> there are no rs to be seen. >> check out the website. keep an eye on the big media stories in the watch section, and o behind the scenes and listen to the discussions we have here in the break. all very nteresting, and a gooo one is about to break out. up next, has the press become numb to the pain of 9-11? ♪ >> 9-11, the day that america changed and the day that the american media wo up to the threat of terror. nine years laeerhave the
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>> images of the progress here at the 9-11 memorial. and the foundation for the ne freedom tower, now nclled 1 world trade center. it's to become the tallest building in the united states, standing at 1,776 feet. but the images of 2001r s evived and so if we haven't learned the lesson from terror. a new report said that the united states has failed to anticipate the danger of terrorists from homegrown terrorists. and judy, one of the authors of the report out on friday, said when ito comes to homegrown terrorists, the united states has failed, he says, tod fundamentally understand and prepare for the threats. terrorists may have found our achilles heel.
11:41 pm
we have no strategy to deal with this problem and the emerging threat. >> hats off to the nypd because kelly and his tam have been pounding the table saying, homegrown terrorists and terrorism, that's the new threat for two years now, and finally washington has oken up and paid attention. i think there's a risk here. we can overreact to the homegrown potential theat. we can make domstic muslims the ill conceivedr policies and overreaction, and we heard some of that in the president's press conference on friday. >> the media is accused of being desensitized to the morers of 9-11, and tting caught up in controversy such as the ground zero mosque in new york city. the guy who wants o help build or run that mosque, imam, was on
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cnn this week, and here's what he had to say. i want toet your reaction. >> it is important for us to rse the bar if we move, it means that the radicals have shaped the discourse. >> some people took his comments is there as sort of a veiled threat. >> it wasn't veiled. rt wasn't a threat. how is it of different than what petraeus said about another issue that's very similar. that we have to be aware of what we do and how we do it, and how we are perceived and how it might effect the people in the field. the senate has an issue, and that is that the media does focus on 9-11. everyi 9-11 is like a national
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day of remembrance, which i understand from an emotional standpoint, but i wonder if it's ch a good idea if we make such a big deal of 9-11. the terrorists whom like to attack us, they're commomerating us again. ani'm not sure that it's such a good idea. >> ihave think it's a really difficult call. but i don't see how this country cannot do it, and wait until next year, until the 10th, but we must remember that the refine we do it is because we have the anti-terrorisms we have. we have add as a nation, and we need to be reminded. >> revered as a national almost holiday. >> it's not revered. >> saying, they are remembering what we did. >> i have to poit to a failure. why hasn't the memorial of 9-11. and i'm not too concerned for the towers, bu the memorial
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where thousands of people we killed. why hasn't there been a war memorial been built to the soldiers killed in afghanistan and iraq? it has been nine yers since the combat began. >> the purpose of the memorial is to encourage people tom remember the sacri>>fice. >> the question, call. fox has been running a sries showing the progress at ground zero. ando is it fair to say that a lt of themedia has ignored that issue? >> i think that the attntion has shifted dramatically from 2001 to knowing who the enemies are, and what they want tod destroy is an impose on smerica, and sympathy for the relatives to oh, let's not do anything to offend the terrorists. this guy on cnn, it was a bold faced threat.o if we don't build that mosque, we're going to be killed. of course it is.
11:45 pm
>> are you really saying that 's a terrorist? >y> i don't know, but they're smart about this.h because they infill traited us in a way that they know -. >> do you know anything about this guy. >> he was [ talking at the same time ] >> he spoke out about it. >> bush was in the same category as obama andthe rest. >> i heard nobody speak out about him with the bush>> administration. >> you're not reading my columns. >> time for another break. if you come across a story that you think shows media bias, email us. up next, an off-beat pastor suckers in the mainstream press. >> the burning of the koran is a call to the attention that
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something is wrong. >> a lforida preacher's ablicity stunt to burn korans gets big attention and big world reaction. should the media be blamed for the fire storm? and what was it like reporting on the 9-11 terror attacks as they happen? find out next on news watch. [ powder cleaner ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber? [ spray bottle ] what does she see in him? [ liquid cleaner ] well, he cleans three times more soap scum per swipe than you. [ spray bottle ] and i bring out the shine, too! ding! what w that? that was the noise a shine makes... [ male announcer ] remove three times more soap scum per swipe with the new mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. so whiten your teeth. no coffee. [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste removes up to 80% surface stains in just two weeks. hi. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile. crest 3d white toothpaste. this will save you the most money, while making sure you have the auto coverage you need. this is good stuff. no problem,
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>> the iman has agreed to remove the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. as one journalist decribed him. florida pastor, terry jones there, on his on-maybe off-stunt
11:50 pm
to burn the koran, and then there's this poltical cartoon that has been getting attention. it says 19 muslim terrorists kill 3,000 americans. you can't judge the few. and then one preacher calls to burn the koran and the say death to ame ica. >> i don't know it people are calling for death to america, but isn't it true that general petraeus speaks out and says it's going to endanger our troops. and that's what the key issue is. if we were to burn the bible. and we had muslims doing a bible burning, i think you would ave a very similar reaction from christians who would be equally offend and who knows what kind of death threats could come to that muslim.
11:51 pm
d>has the media gotten so much attention, has the media been played by yes, i'm going to do it, and no, i'm not? h> i agree, once you have david a trets saying this is to our troops, how can the media ignore this story? >> they were paying close attention before that. >> they were? because of the environment, we havae the tryfection ta, and the 9-11, and the beginnin of the jewish holiday, and the end of ramadan and the month of fasting. this is guaranteed to build up and put everybody on edge. >> this was a media creation. two days ago, this clwn, phelps was heard to say god hates fags, and he got zero coverage, and a creation. a med and it was a perfect storm and a trifecta, and they had to cover it.
11:52 pm
and i was glad t say see that fx put out a statement. >> let me get to that, according to the tv newser, abc, cnn, all had plans to cover it ifthis thing were to go on, and we still don't absolutely know if it's on hold permanently. fox news was no goi ng to do so. senior vice president, michael clementi of this network said if we wanted every one of them, we would run out. but this is about using some just. i mean, shouldn't everybody just e this guy. >> yes, they should, and i guarantee that someone is going to get the idea. whatever jones does, and the media should ignore him. it's not traditional journalism. but to think about what all of the news has in print. whatever sold out.
11:53 pm
brought to the soan-called pastr and i like the word, so-called. on sunny in the othe -- msnbc t. they didn'ti even interview the guy. how many are out there? they put him on the air all the time. >> was that journalistica a good move? they wanted to hear what hehad to say. >> of course it's not good to let him ran t. but there have been eloquent responses to him. the mayor of new york, mke bloomberg, many people did not like the position he took on the mosque near ground zeroth where the community sense center two blocks away from ground zero, but he was consistent about this. this man has te right to do wants to do constitutionally, but is it wise? and that's the question we have to ask. mike thomas from the sentinel
11:54 pm
said the media attention to threewas like strawberries coming into alignment on a million dollars slot machine. if a sad little man burns korns in the woods and the media isn't there to record i? >> it is a news story, especially whn general petraeus comments and the white house gets involvera >> al jazeera will be there, no matter what the rest of americans are. >> it will be on youtube. >> when we come back, an insideg view is on the coverage of the 9-11 attack. i see a lot of teeth that look great... until i look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline
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[ female announcer ] scope outlast. it's about time for a mouthwash that lasts even longer. now that fresh breath feeling lasts up to 5 times longer. what will you outlast? >> jon: nine years ago we watched the terror attacks unfold live television. i was part of the team that brought you that story as it unfolded. >> it was mayhem. nchor share khair during the fox news coverage of the 9/11 attack. when is the first jetliner slammed into the north tower, all of us assumed it was a horrible accident. then the attack on the south tower. we saw it live. my mind scrambled to untangle what i just witnessed.
11:59 pm
"thought somehow the director was replaying video. i hope we were no longer live. we were under attack and i said so. this had a has to be deliberate, folks. some of the key folks is osama bin laden. >> after a couple of hours, i needed to do more than just narrate t carnage. it can tunnel vision. yes, we saw terrible things coming from new york, washington shanksville. it seems like theky was falling, the world is had. but as our coverage went on, i tried to remind viewers that the great nation could and would absorb a blow and still remain strong. a shot of the statue of liberty with the smoking rubble of the twin towers in the background gave me the opportunity to mention that we are a pmericans, we are people of courage,

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